Refunds Policy


Please make advance reservations via telephone or book online to assure room availability.

We require a deposit to obtain a confirmed reservation. Please read the policy before making a reservation request.

Room Rates may change without notice and may vary for special events except for confirmed reservation (deposits taken).

Cancellation and Early Checkout Policy:

If your plans have changed, please inform within the following guidelines for a refund of your deposit. If the cancellation does not meet the guidelines, the deposit will be retained.

For early checkout, you are responsible for the entire reservation and will be charged for the complete reservation days. In case you have not understood the hotel policies, please contact the hotel.

Please note a multiple room reservation is added together for the total of “reserved nights”. For example, two rooms reserved for four nights would be 8 reserved nights. For this example, the 8 reserved night’s cancellation period is 14 days.

Refund Policy:

If the room is cancelled within 25 hours of stay, then only 10% of the total booking amount will be deducted.

The processing will take between 2-4 weeks until the whole amount shows back on your credit card statement. Reasons for this are the billing cycle of your credit card company and processing time of the bank. The refund amount depends on a number of factors such as the hotel’s cancellation policy, time of cancellation and processing fees. For more details see cancellation policy above.

Non-arrival to the Hotel:

If you fail to arrive at the hotel on the arrival date the entire reservation will be cancelled automatically by the hotels and you will be charged the cost of the whole reservation.

If you fail to check in on the first date but still push through with your travel plan to stay at the hotel, please urgently contact us so that we can keep the room for you for the rest of the nights.

Shorten Stay :

Shorten stay is subject to whole period charge whether or not you stay the whole period.

If you know that you are changing your plan, please contact us as early as possible to minimize the charge by the hotel.

Payment Security :

It is important for you to know that whenever you provide us with personal details, it is secure. Our latest technology protects your credit card number, name, address, and telephone number.

Policy Modifications

The Pattern Lodge may update its Refund and Cancellation Policy from time to time without prior notice.